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Why Does My Shower Have Weak Water Pressure?

The age-old question! Well, there are several potential reasons why you may be experiencing low water pressure specifically in your shower and nowhere else.

  1. Hard Water Deposits: Over time, mineral deposits can accumulate and clog the small openings in your showerhead, reducing water flow. Remove the showerhead and soak it in a descaling solution or vinegar to dissolve the deposits. Scrub it gently with a brush and rinse thoroughly before reattaching.

  2. Water Restrictor: Many modern showerheads are equipped with water restrictors or flow restrictors to conserve water. These restrictors can sometimes be overly, well, restrictive and result in low water pressure. Check if your showerhead has a flow restrictor, and if so, consider removing it. However, keep in mind that removing the restrictor may increase water usage.

  3. Plugged Pipes or Valves: It's possible that there could be a buildup of sediment or debris in the pipes leading to your shower. This can restrict water flow and result in low pressure. Consult a professional plumber to inspect and clean your pipes if necessary. Additionally, check the shower valve for any obstructions or debris that may be affecting water flow.

When to call Paradise Plumbing:

If you cannot easily find the cause, please realize that many of the reasons for low water pressure in the shower are best left to a professional plumber.

  • Do all the water outlets in your home have the same low pressure? If so, call us. It is likely the solution is going to require an experienced plumber to resolve.

  • Only hot water faucet has low pressure? The most common reason for this is a malfunctioning hot water heater or valve. Call us.

  • None of the above? You may have a water leak. Water leaks can quickly worsen and damage surrounding areas. Leaks can also cause your water bill to skyrocket. Call us asap.

It's worth noting that some homes naturally have lower water pressure due to factors such as the elevation of the property or the distance from the water source. Contact Paradise Plumbing to assess your specific situation and provide tailored recommendations. We are always here to help!

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